5 Things You Didn’t Know About China’s Terra-Cotta Army

Over the weekend meeting, foreign ministers grappled with how to refer to differences in the South China Sea, highlighting divisions within the trade bloc under the shadow of the neighboring economic powerhouse. Aside from its stunning economic ascent, China’s growing clout overseas is also about bolstering confidence at home. That’s the main driving force of the shift to a foreign policy agenda like South China Sea and ‘One Belt, One Road’ and a lot of things,” said independent economist Andy Xie. That’s being unfurled as the Chinese economy shifts from a manufacturing focus to services and consumption. The transition comes with growing pains , with efforts to reform state-owned enterprises SOEs and slash excess capacity spurring layoffs and widespread resistance. To maintain a certain degree of economic growth — targeted around 6.

Quanzhou: China’s forgotten historic port

Alongside the subterranean army lie horses, chariots, weaponry — even acrobats meant to entertain Emperor Qin in death. Today, this so-called eighth wonder of the world attracts an estimated 2 million tourists per year. The show will feature artifacts dating back to B. In honor of the exhibit, here are five important bits of terra-cotta trivia: Terra-Cotta Soldiers Marching On 1.

Other companies have since followed suit and in Singles‘ Day surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, two of the largest shopping days in the US.

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The Secret To China’s Tech Sector Boom

Share this article Share The drought revealed an ancient stone bridge earlier this month which had been hidden underneath the lake’s water. The 2, metre-long stone bridge, dating to AD , is made of granite and was one of around 1, similar stone bridges constructed during the Ming dynasty, the Beijing News reported. A cow lies down on the dry lake bed in Jiangxi Province after little rainfall and a new water storage facility caused it to dry up The tower based in the middle of what was once the Poyang lake is still a big tourist attraction – but visitors can now walk to it instead of getting a boat The drought has also affected the lake’s wetland vegetation growth and taken a toll on its ecology.

The region faces drinking water shortages and the local fishing industry has been decimated. The lack of fish means there is no food for the half a million migrating birds which usually break their journey at Poyang.

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But the importance of their field trips goes beyond that: So many of the temples were later lost—during the war with Japan, the revolutionary civil war and the Communist attacks on tradition like the Cultural Revolution—that their photos and studies are now invaluable documents. Its untouched landscape was the ultimate time capsule from imperial China. There had been spells of fabulous prosperity as late at the 19th century, when its merchants and bankers managed the financial life of the last dynasty, the Qing.

Shanxi, it was found, resembled a living museum, where an astonishing number of ancient structures had survived. One of the most significant excursions to Shanxi occurred in , when Liang and Lin were joined by two young American friends, John King Fairbank and his wife, Wilma. The couples had met through friends, and the Fairbanks became regular guests at the salons hosted by Liang and Lin for Chinese philosophers, artists and writers.

It was an influential friendship: John, a lanky, sandy-haired South Dakotan, would go on to become the founding figure in Sinology in the United States, and an adviser to the U. Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng on a trip in Shanxi in were introduced as teens by their families and later studied together at the University of Pennsylvania. Courtesy of Laura and Holly Fairbank But in the summer of , the Fairbanks were two wide-eyed newlyweds in Beijing, where John was researching his PhD in Chinese history, and they eagerly agreed to meet the Liangs in Shanxi.

The four spent several weeks making forays from an idyllic mountain retreat called Fenyang, before they decided to find the remote temple of Guangsheng. Today, the details of this journey can be reconstructed from an intimate photographic diary made by Wilma Fairbank and from her memoir.


In Vietnam and the Philippines, he has to communicate deep U. Trump will try to project strength while calling for closer cooperation on North Korea and on resolving trade disputes. But he arrives at a moment when China, not the U.

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For residents of Wenzhou, China, and millions like them in China’s rapidly industrializing and growing cities and towns, this has become a reality. In April , China issued a water pollution and prevention action plan , which outlined how China would improve its water quality by The plan has proved to be more difficult than the country anticipated, and it is having a hard time stopping the pollution.

The following photos show instances of water pollution around China dating from to the present. Christian Storm wrote an earlier version of this story. The red river in Wenzhou is just one example of the water pollution that has been running rampant in China for years. A child in a polluted reservoir in Pingba, southwest China’s Guizhou province, in Almost two-thirds of China’s rural population use water contaminated by human and industrial waste.

China’s mega city: the country’s existing mega cities

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Sanghee Liu But Wang also laid out the key rule that China applies as the gatekeeper to its parallel universe of the internet, where great leaps in digital convenience for consumers come with the tradeoff of constant population surveillance and censorship. China’s term for it is “cyberspace sovereignty”. This was the link to the Wuzhen conference’s second purpose: China and Russia want an international treaty – a big global rule – to stop other countries interfering with their restricted national internet regimes.

The push is being made in the name of “cyber security”, against a scary backdrop of wild global cyber attacks. Kaspersky Labs founder Eugene Kaspersky says he expects his anti-virus company to find 90 million malicious samples this year. But the biggest threat to global infrastructure was the growth of “complicated, professional projects”, of which per cent are state-sponsored attacks, he said. Kaspersky, a Russian, would not say which states were responsible.

The issue of cyber security has become crucial for the major powers. Harvard University Professor Joseph Nye, best known for coining the term “soft power”, compared cyber conflict to nuclear weapons. It took 20 years for major states to agree to cooperative “norms” to avoid conflict on nuclear weapons, and said the norms to restrain cyber conflict were following a similar, difficult timetable.

Frederick Douzet, of France’s Insitute of National Defence Studies, said that as the advent of global cyber crises like Wannacry should be drawing nations closer together to stop malicious actors, instead old geopolitical distrusts about the state use of cyber crime for intelligence and warfare was having the opposite effect. Major powers must work together now before it is too late. Multiple Russian ministry speakers at Wuzhen expressed fierce opposition to that convention.

China’s largest freshwater lake that is twice the size of London completely dries up due to drought

One dead after bus crashes into One dead after bus crashes into California home Police say one person is dead after a bus collided with a car in Berkeley, California. The force of the collision sent both vehicles crashing into a home More videos Selling into Asia The opportunities of China’s new middle class are huge but grasping them can be difficult for Australian operators.

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Garage rock[ edit ] In the mid s, the Washington rock scene was kick-started by a Seattle group, The Frantics , led by guitarist Ron Peterson. The Frantics were the first rock group from Seattle to have songs in the national Top 40 charts. Later, several garage bands achieved regional and some national fame. Perhaps the most famous of these are The Wailers , whose regional fame was paramount for several years in the early s. They are often considered the fathers of Seattle’s rock scene.

Their version of Richard Berry ‘s “Louie, Louie” became the region’s unofficial anthem. An influential garage rock band called The Regents became local icons in the Tacoma area, but the original incarnation never signed to a record label. They are known for pioneering a distinct sound technology when they fed the rhythm guitar through a Leslie organ speaker during a concert at the University of Puget Sound ; this gave them their original sound.

Their name was inspired by one of Seattle’s most important employers, Boeing , an aircraft manufacturer, and The Sonics’ brand of aggressive guitar rock made them icons in the later development of music in and around Seattle. Record producer Jerry Dennon of Jerdon Records was responsible for bringing The Kingsmen of Portland, Oregon , best known for their national hit ” Louie Louie “, to the ears of northwest audiences.

República Popular China

But the robust numbers reported on Friday by China’s customs agency – the last ones from China before U. September exports rose That was well above August’s 9.

Work has finished on the world’s largest radio telescope, which will hunt for extraterrestrial life and explore space. China fitted the final of 4, panels into the centre of the m-wide.

As far back as the s, especially after the Arab oil embargo that threatened economic survival, foreign policy decisions became increasingly subservient to OPEC, and mostly Saudi oil imports. This dynamic can still be felt currently as yet another president, this time Donald Trump, juggles another Middle Eastern geopolitical dilemma with no easy answers over the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi likely at the hands of Saudi agents inside Turkey.

Now, however, the U. Additionally, it still has the U. Gas thirst Just the numbers coming out of China should be cause for concern for Beijing energy planners. In its Gas annual report, the IEA said Chinese demand for natural gas will rise by almost 60 percent between and to bcm, including a rise in its LNG imports to 93 bcm by from 51 bcm in Last week, energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie said that China already accounts for 50 percent of overall growth in global LNG demand.

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