Poor gun depression and side arc No preferential matchmaking Performance Thanks to good mobility and a hard hitting and fast firing gun, the SU makes for one of the best Medium TD’s. It performs in this role much better then it does in a proper sniping tank destroyer role, due to a horrendous Aim Time and an acceptable, but not particularly great base accuracy value. It has a poor View Range, so it will not be detecting too many of it’s own targets, however it does have a great camouflage value, which will in part help mitigate the poor view range. The armor is pretty strong thanks to heavy sloping, and at a distance tanks with less than mm of penetration can easily bounce off you. To increase your chances, angle a little bit between shots, or wiggle the tank back and forth aggressively. Be wary of tanks getting too close though, as the true armor value is quite low, and the closer in something is, the lower your armor value becomes. This is especially true against tall opponents most tanks are taller than the SU Due to the penetration of the gun and non-precise accuracy, Tier IX opponents represent a bit of a challenge.

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Aug 13,  · SU getting preferential matchmaking – posted in Gameplay: Yuri_Yslin, on 22 December – AM, said: This is a pretty solid tactic against hulled down T34 tanks. The only problem is low ammo load – it may bite you in the butt when you end up losing the game because youre left with HE shells It has only happened once – so far.

Comments Introduction Welcome Komrad! Today you will learn about Russian tanks in War Thunder, and why they are superior to all! Background Information Most information found in this guide was found in sekrit Soviet Dokuments, and leaked by a unknown source in Gaijin studio via telegram. Anyway, the year is and Stalin’s 3 third plan is in effect. It was part of his 5 year plan to create the mighty Soviet Union. Fearing fascist armor, since the Soviets had mostly large numbers of light tanks, he ordered Kirov Factory and ChTZ scientists to make a new kind of metal.

This will be no metal known to mankind, first of its class, invincible What these mad scientists made was will be known to the War Thunder community as Stalilnium. First discovered as rock form of Limestone Magnesium Carbrate, when mixed with vodka and Stalin’s bodily fluids, it creates this magnificent piece of metal.

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Assault guns had some advantages over tanks with turrets. The lack of a turret made them cheaper to produce. They could be built with a larger fighting compartment and could be fitted with bigger and more powerful weapons on a given chassis. However, assault guns generally aim by orienting the entire vehicle, and were thus less suited for close combat than tanks with turrets.

In April , design bureaus were asked to develop several assault guns with various armament: Only 10 of these were completed.

World of Tanks Statistics Data for this statistics is based on , public random games of the last 30 days with million tanks participated. Effects of premium accounts, daily and event bonuses have been removed.

Good alpha and amazing rate of fire, with almost damage-per-minute Good top speed and great maneuverability, hard to flank and makes it an excellent flanker by TD standards. Great camouflage values, adding sixth sense helps keep you hidden immensely. Bothersome aim time and below average accuracy, limits medium to long range sniping. Combined with high rate of fire, the gun can burn a lot of credits very quickly. No preferential matchmaking still meets tier 9 tanks , penetration is lacking against high tier heavies with weak gold ammo.

Nonexistent gun depression and restrictive gun arc Only trains 4 crew members, with 1 loader. A scary tank to face, this premium tank is atypical for premium tanks for having an amazing gun while keeping the benefits of a normal tank. This has made the SU to be considered “overpowered” by many players, and a ludicrous credit maker especially with premium time added into the mix, one can make 50K if they deal at least 1. Although the SU has an extreme DPM and quite good armor, it still is fragile due to its low health and reliance on sloping – artillery will annihilate you, often times in one shot.

To make the situation worse, most tier 8 and 9 heavies you find will laugh as you bounce your fairly low penetration gun on them while it takes them two albeit much slower firing shots to kill you, unless you can fire at their sides or rear. Simply put, you can penetrate any tier 7 tank or lower with your gun from the front. For tier 8 or 9 tanks, firing at their lower glacis is almost a surefire penetration.

A note of caution for tier 8 or 9 tanks however, it is not uncommon to meet tankers playing this tank while using premium ammo exclusively so one should not get careless and expect to bounce as this tank will punish you for it, but the gun mantlet will absorb most shots that hit it. There is one thing you must note, however.

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TMC Archives Disclaimer — Depending on your territory some of these vehicles may not be available for sale at the time of writing. Others may be limited edition, which are occasionally on sale. It has been a while — nearly a year — since we reviewed any Premium tanks here at TMC.

Mar 16,  · SU tier 9 premium – posted in General Discussion: Crazedtiger77, on 02 October – AM, said: It is better than the SU in virtually every way. If the SU gets full matchmaking, why shouldnt the SU? Because its a premium tank? I have this tank and its terrible in tier 9 games, it gets spotted and destroyed by the invisibles quite regular. tier 4 view range .

WoT Guru January 9, The tier 7 SU premium Russian tank destroyer is a hard hitting mobile platform that is capable of dishing out a lot of damage for a premium tier 7 tank. With its mm gun it carries an above average damage round while also having a very high rate of fire. Due to this damage potential the SU does pay in other areas, but does it pay to much for this damage capability? This tank guide will help you understand how the SU plays and whether or not it is a good purchase for your garage.

The SU will be broken down into firepower, armor, mobility, miscellaneous attributes, and also have tactics to help you perform well in it. Video Overview Firepower The main attraction of the SU is its mm gun that packs a damage shell into a tier 7 premium tank destroyer. Most tier 7 tank destroyers do not have over damage rounds, so already the SU has a leg up on most of them in that area.

With damage it gives it the capability of killing most tanks it sees in 3 or 4 shots. It does pay for this slightly by having.

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You pay your money, you take your choices [Last Updated January 18 ] There are quite a few premium vehicles in World of Tanks, sprinkled across the various nations, classes, and tiers. As stated above; premium vehicles come in a variety of forms, and there are a few limitations on what they can be. Generally speaking and there are exceptions , premium tanks will be slightly inferior to fully upgraded tanks of the same class and tier.

They span tiers 2 to 8 and have a few special quirks; as one example, a premium vehicle can use crew trained on vehicles of the same class at no penalty.

Finally, the matchmaking of the SU is not limited to seeing a maximum of tier 8 like some other premium tanks and it will see up to tier 9. This isn’t a huge negative since the gun is capable of holding its own in tier 9 matches but it is worth noting.

Time and again, I see players who might have done better, hamstrung by poor garage management choices and bizarre opinions which prevent them from using tools and techniques that would help them to advance. Therefore, I am starting up a tutorial account, to illustrate each point in turn, so that new or experienced players may manage their out-of-battle decisions better. It is worth noting that all of what follows is my own opinion, built up over 24, battles.

Not everyone will agree with all of it, or with my particular philosophies, but I think that the advice is good. An invite code might have or gold on it, or perhaps something like gold plus a low-tier premium vehicle. They come in all shapes and sizes. Just blaze through it as fast as you possibly can. You want the xp, because that xp is going to prevent you from ever having to drive a completely stock tier-1 vehicle. Back in my day, we had no such option.

Your first game HAD to be in a completely-stock Tier-1, you lucky new-newbs. This is less useless, and does contain some worthwhile information if you have never played before. As of this posting, this feature is still active. It works only once.

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Matchmaking Matchmaking The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. For example it is IS – russian heavy with tier 7. The matchmaker takes the corresponding line from the table below and sees that the IS has battle tiers from 7 till 9. Randomly is the tier for battle selected.

The SU* is a tank destroyer based on the T, wielding the infamous mm Soviet gun and firing it at unbelievable speed. Though a bit lacking in penetration for a TD for this tier, the DPM this machine can put out is astounding (over ).

E 25 Preferential Matchmaking MM balance weight E 25 preferential matchmaking Premiumpanzer mitohne Preferential Match Making. VII, E25 1, X. Damals noch kurz vor dem Italienurlaub installiert, 25 Gefechte ber. Just FYI, the E25 already has preferential matchmaking.

SU 122-44 getting preferential matchmaking

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Feb 19,  · SU – posted in Soviet Tanks: It is a fantastic tank, I had it before and sold it for some reason (in a moment of sheer madness). Bought it back yesterday on the advice of a clan buddy. In three games this morning I got 14 kills and generated , credits.

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