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If you find one with these markings it is Kanstul made. The International was made by Kanstul and also in the Besson plant in India more recent models I think. Only the International model is of questionable maker. Plays dark in tone, and has some similarities to the Olds Ambassador. Comes in a variety of configurations, the most common in lacquer with standard water keys and a 3rd valve saddle, but some have Amado water keys, 1st and 3rd slide saddles, and some are in silver plate. The Kanstul is basically the same instrument but newer and rarer and still available new from some shops. If your main trumpet is too br ight for orchestral playing a Besson is a great choice as a cheap second instrument that will do the job well. If you are looking for a used starter instrument or backup trumpet these are the best value for money at the moment, and I respectfully suggest that the Olds Ambassador should be passed over, and similar used Yamaha or Bach models also. For the price of a department store trumpet you get a recent model Kanstul made instrument?

Bach Brass

One was the Leisch boys Oscar, predominantly who brought in what would have been a normal “Grands Prix” trumpet i. The other was Joseph Rapuano–who brought in a model we have never seen for sale in Europe–but which is a throw back to their earliest days I have a “Rapuano: This one is a Rapuano that I was able to restore recently. I am trying to decide how, or even if, to refinish this horn ; it looks kind of nice like this what do you think?

Bach, Benge, Schilke, Olds, Conn, King, etc; they all studied and tried to copy the designs of these great old horns. Besson had a few different models; the “Fabrication” , the “Meha” named after one of the Besson family daughters , and the “Brevete”, which actually just means patented , like the one pictured here from my collection is a.

Trumpet / Cornet. Home; Standard Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpieces. As is generally known, the diameter of the shank of a cornet is smaller than that of a trumpet. Most Schilke models are available for both the trumpet and cornet. In general, a slightly larger cup and throat favors the cornet tone.

YTR 9 – C Piccolo eg: YTR 3rd Number – Bore Size I think this was probably the intended system when the 4 digit model numbers were developed, but it just seems to dissappear in any organised form as more models have been introduced into the range. There simply isn’t enough appropriate numbers to accomodate all the possible bores in a logical sequence. Also worth noting is the variance of measurements in the same bore sizes.

I’d like to work out if this is a deliberate change of measurement made by Yamaha for speccific models or simply anj case of the original imperial measurements being changed to decimal and back again, each time changing slightly for the previous. Any thoughts or knowledge in this area? The measurements I have are as follows: YTR But this doesn’t have space for the S Small Bore or MS Medium Small bore, nor does it differentiate between same bore sizes, so I’ll list the measurements in order and assume that the number system simply doesn’t hold true anymore, other than maybe the 3 and 4 designation.

YCR If anyone wants to supply me with the correct fractional imperial measurements it would be appreciated. I think that this system worked initially until model models and artists developed and this system simply ceased to work as intended. The addition of letters as described below has been introduced to help over come the limited combinations of numbers only. As far as I can tell there is no specific meaning to each number other than to differentiate one from others.

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Time for a new trumpet? Pro quality horns Beginner’s trumpets are made by machines in large quantities, with numerous compromises in manufacturing to keep the prices reasonable. They are also designed, at least in theory, for inexpensive manufacturing, durability and easy production of tone, rather than quality of tone and intonation. Unfortunately, the intermediate trumpet line is more of a marketing maneuver than a distinct quality of horn.

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September 24, With all the advances in trumpet materials and design, you would think someone would do something to improve our valve springs. There is one thing that you can do yourself to possibly improve the performance of your instrument. And the answer is inside your valve casings. Valves are made to go up and down when we perform and in most situations, they work well.

Sometimes they stick and in most cases a good cleaning will solve that problem. But if a nice warm bath and cleaning has not improved your valve action you might consider changing your valve springs. After years of playing, even the best springs will loose their strength to some degree and replacing them might be just what you need for a better playing instrument. Another possible improvement in valve spring replacement can be made when you want to improve your finger strength on your valves.

Valve springs are in most cases designed about the same. If the spring fits into the spring holder without touching the inside walls, it will work on your horn. Some springs are built with more resistance than others and for that reason; you could replace your original set of springs for more resistance.

Serial Numbers – Trumpet

Etymology[ edit ] The English word “trumpet” was first used in the late 14th century. The word comes from Old French trompe “long, tube-like musical wind instrument” 12c. The bronze and silver trumpets from Tutankhamun ‘s grave in Egypt, bronze lurs from Scandinavia, and metal trumpets from China date back to this period. They were played in Solomon’s Temple around years ago. They were said to be used to blow down the walls of Jericho.

They are still used on certain religious days.

Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Valve Guide Set, 3 (Brass) Bach Trumpet Student Model TR Valve Guides Set of 3. by Bach. $ $ 4 99 + $ shipping. Only 2 left in stock – order soon. Product Features Bach Trumpet Student Model TR Valve Guides Set of 3. Bach TRH2 American Student Trumpet ?page=1&rh=i:aps,k.

Since , Bach has been a leader in the manufacture of professional trumpets, and today, their reputation for exceptional sound clarity and smooth playability is championed by players from around the globe. Whether you’re a professional jazz soloist or a high school orchestra member, Bach is dedicated to making your talents realized by an audience, and you’ll have no problem finding a model in this section to suit your own tastes and playing style.

As every experienced player knows, trumpets are offered in a variety of different keys, and the one you choose will come down to your own specific needs and preferences. For example, one of the most common types is in the key Bb. This trumpet is known for its warm tone, which is why it’s used so often in jazz ensembles.

Bach has many Bb models available, and the S43 Stradivarius Series is preferred by many professionals.

Reynolds Serial Numbers

Olds and Son Serial Numbers Robb Stewart has put together some improved serial number dates based on more recent discoveries. His data can be found here. Below are my original guesses as to beginning-of-year serial numbers for pre Olds horns. You can read my reasoning for the pre numbers, or the numbers. In arriving at these numbers I have attempted to reconcile the Robb Stewart data with the firsthand reports.

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Another mystery to be solved! It has an A stamped on the bottom of the receiver and neither Steve nor Zig Kanstul has a clue as to why that’s there. This was during the Donald Benge years, after Elden’s death and before Zig came back to the company. One thought is that a number of horns were tweaked especially for Byron Autrey.

I’ll be contacting him to get his opinion. Post-LA Benges As I’ve gathered information about instruments numbered over , a few interesting patterns have shown up, similar to what was found with the earlier Benges. It was previously thought that there was a cutoff point around between the LA Benges and the move to Eastlake, Ohio in However, it seems that the valve sections for some specialty horns piccolo, Eb, etc. Since December I’ve been receiving emails and phone calls from people eager to share information about their beloved Benges.

I am grateful to all of you, and I look forward to the continuing evolution of this project.

Ultimate Trumpet Mouthpiece Chart

I am creating this for those who may not have the budget for a Stradivarius but would like a quality Bach-like clone. This thread is from my knowledge after months of research. Rudy Muck had worked for Bach for a short time and developed a good relation with Bach. Known to be more lighter and brighter than a NY Bach, easy to blow in the high register but with some resistance Credit: It was the 15XXXX serial number range when Rudy Muck resumed back again into Stradivarius style clones but these are worse than its earlier counterpart.

The mouthpieces of the trumpet and horn are completely different from one another, which can be clearly seen in a cross-sectional view. The cup of the trumpet mouthpiece is obviously much shallower than that of the horn, and a clear difference can be seen in the sheet thickness and the thickness of the ://

Courtesy of Tom Marcello If you are seeking to buy a new trumpet , chances are you are acquainted with them in the general sense. You may not know the ins and outs of the trumpet even though you are familiar with the instrument. If you want to constantly improve your skill, you should learn about them fully to gain a better understanding. A trumpet is an instrument in the highest register of the brass family, and it is one of the oldest instruments in recorded history — source.

They are normally made of brass tubing bent twice into an elongated shape. There are many varieties of this instrument, and the most common is pitched in B and features three piston or rotary valves. The best trumpets are used by professional trumpet players , but there are types for all skill levels. They are made to be easy to master as well as strong. Many beginners are still quite young, so these trumpets need to be sturdy enough to endure the dents or bumps they are likely to face. They offer less durability in exchange for enhanced tone.

These are the highest quality instruments available, and they are meant for those that need this type of functionality and sound in their endeavors.

Yamaha Trumpet Model Number Code

Sun Nov 07, 2: Cascade, For better or worse, the Bach 37 has been the standard to which all others are compared for many years. Although a Yammie Zeno is a good horn and quite popular, and although the Bach 37 isn’t my cup of tea I play a 43 lightweight most of the time , a good Bach 37 is a great horn that will last you a lifetime. That may eliminate the ones with the higher serial number because some people think they are of lower quality than the earlier ones.

I would 1 bet that there are subtle differences in the horns and 2 would strive to find those differences and choose the one that most suits you, no matter what the serial number is. Besides the obvious regarding dents and other damage, things to look for include:

The trumpet is an extremely old instrument, with evidence of metal versions dating back to at least B.C.E. Horns made from natural materials, such as conch shells and animal horns most likely predate metal versions by thousands of ://

Why buy your mouthpiece from Musician’s Friend? Every brass player should have an understanding of how their mouthpiece works and what they need from it. Without some guidance, though, it can take years of experimentation for players to discover what type of mouthpiece best suits their music and playing style. A good mouthpiece will give the player a tone that is firm and compact with good projection.

It also will be comfortable to play, helping you develop a better embouchure and more precise technique. Since players rarely have exactly the same shape lip and mouth anatomy, there are many variations in mouthpiece design to meet nearly everyone’s needs. For students, medium-sized mouthpieces typically offer the best starting point.

Complete Guide to Bach Clones

This marking arrangement continues the model name in the same location as before. Bell Number Identifiers Moved On these instruments, the bell number is located immediately after the word Model rather than below Bach’s signature as in the Faciebat Anno arrangement. Bach’s decision to stamp the bell numbers in this position created something of a problem that persists even today. Stamping bell numbers after the word Model created the erroneous impression that these numbers are model numbers.

Bach did not assign model numbers to his instruments.

Bach wrote hundreds of pieces for organ, choir, as well as many other instruments. He spent most of his life as a church organist and a choir director. His music combines profound expression with clever musico-mathematical feats, like fugues and canons in which .

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Bach 5V mouthpiece?

It will be helpful to obtain a copy of the Vincent Bach Mouthpiece Manual for reference before reading this article. Introduction The subject of trumpet mouthpieces can often be seen as an endless mind-field. There are a lot of brands and types. Many are vastly different and designed for specific purposes although individuals may use them for other purposes. Many are similar, generic copies or variants of the same designs made and manufactured for making profit and not for facilitating a developing trumpet player.

Trumpet MouthPiece Guide Mouthpiece Selection is Critical for Success Most musicians are playing on the wrong mouthpiece or choosing incorrectly when it comes to playing a specific job.

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